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School Health Programme                                                         MODULE-3
                                                                                             Holistic Health


                      SCHOOL HEALTH PROGRAMME


            Read a conversation between two school kids. One of their classmates falls down
            and hurts his knees badly and it starts bleeding;
            Rahul : Mayank fell down in the ground.

            Kriti  : His Knee is bleeding.

            Rahul : What should we do?

            Kriti  : I don’t know. Let us inform our class teacher. Class teacher comes and
                      takes Mayank to a separate room with a First-aid box in her/his hand

            Rahul : Look Kriti, Madam is bandaging his wounds.
            Kriti  : Oh, wow!  Ma’am knows bandaging and we have a First-aid box in
                      our school.

            Both of them curious, go to their class teacher and ask why we had a First-aid
            box in our school and about the medical facilities provided in the school. In this
            chapter you would know about the school health programme implemented in
            the school in order to have a little understanding of its objective.


            After studying this lesson, you will be able to:

                 explain the concept of School Health Programme;

                 explain the aspects of School Health Programme and

                 learn the organization of School Health Programme.


            The school Health Programme is applied across the country. It is the only
            community based program which specifically targets on nutrition and health of
            school aged children. It is focused to improve health outcomes, reduce risk of
            Physical Education and Yog
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