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Module - V
                                                                                              Chemical Warfare
              Warfare and
                Its Types


                                                CHEMICAL WARFARE

                                 After learning about Nuclear and Biological warfare, lets now understand Chemical
                                 warfare. Chemical warfare (CW) involves the use of toxic properties of chemical
                                 substances as weapons. Chemical agents are inorganic substances used in warfare to
                                 attack the organs of the human body in order to prevent the human body from functioning
                                 at all or to hinder its normal functioning. The results are usually disabling to a varying
                                 degree,  or fatal.  However, with  proper protective equipment, training,  and
                                 decontamination measures, the primary effects of chemical weapons can be overcome.

                                 As per UN conventions, use of chemical weapons is banned. In recent incidents in
                                 Syria, chemical weapons affected a number of civilians. Even though there is a convention
                                 and ban on its use, chemical weapons can be used by countries. Therefore, it is important
                                 that we learn  about chemical weapons and means of  defence against it.


                                 After studying this lesson, you will be able to:
                                 •     classify the chemical agents on the basis of criteria and types;

                                 •     know the factors on which the duration of effectiveness depends;
                                 •     explain the types of chemical agents based on their effectiveness;

                                 •     identify the effects of chemical agents on the body;
                                 •     explain the characteristics and symptoms of agents like Nerve agents, Blister
                                       agents, Blood agents and choking agents;

                                 •     take protective measures against the various main groups of chemical agents
                                 •     appreciate the requirements of a good chemical warfare agent.

                                  14.1 Types of Chemical Agents

                                 Chemical warfare includes the use of toxic chemical compounds in warfare as also the
                                 methods of combating such agents. Chemical warfare is as dreadful as nuclear warfare.

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