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Battles of Mughal Army                                                          Module - II

                                                                                                 Military History of
                                                                                                   Medieval  India


                   BATTLES OF MUGHAL ARMY                                                       Note

               In the previous lesson, you studied the factors that encouraged Babur to invade India,
               composition of the Mughal Army and their war equipment and weapons. You also
               learnt that the Mughal artillery was a new weapon of war and terrifying to the  enemies.
               The gunpowder played a vital role in winning battles and in the establishment and
               expansion of the Mughal empire.

               In this lesson, you will study the three important battles fought by Babur which laid a
               solid foundation of the Mughal rule in India. Panipat (a town in Haryana) has been
               described as the pivot of Indian history for 300 years. And its story begins in the first
               great battle that took place in 1526.  The victory at Panipat, significant as it was, did
               not allow Babur the luxury to sit back and savour the moment for long. For there were
               other enemies such as that of  Rana Sanga, the powerful ruler of  Mewar to be subdued
               in land called Hindustan. After capturing Delhi, Babur lived for only four more years.
               His son Humayun and grandson Akbar continued the consolidation of  Mughal power
               after his death.

               Although Mughal influence reached its political peak during Akbar's time, the foundation
               was laid by Akbar's grandfather.


               After studing this lesson you will be able to:
                    explain the first battle of Panipat and battle field tactics of the Mughals and
                    discuss the power-struggle that existed during the early years of the Mughal

                7.1 The First Battle of Panipat

               The First Battle of Panipat took place in 1526 between the invading forces of Babur
               and the last of the Delhi Sultanate Empire under Ibrahim Lodi. It took place at Panipat
               (Haryana) and marked the beginning of the Mughal Empire. The significance of this
               battle was that this was one of the earliest battles involving the use of gunpowder as

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