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Practical Manual

                                                             Practical 24


                                  The word Suryanamaskara means salutations to the sun. Suryanamaskara in the
                       Note       form of twelve yoga postures provide great amount of physical and mental strength
                                  as well as tremendous vital energy to the body.


                                  To perform the Suryanamaskara.

                                  After completion of this practical you will be able to perform and demonstrate
                                  Suryanamaskar in appropriate manner.


                                  •   Yoga mat -1
                                  Preparation of Yoga classroom

                                  •   The room should be clean and well ventilated.

                                  Preparation of practitioner

                                  •   Wear comfortable loose, light cotton clothes (Not too tight)

                                  •   Remove accessories like spectacles, wrist watches, belt etc before practice.


                                  Step 1: Namaskarasana/Pranamasana (Prayer pose)
                                  •   Stand straight with feet together firmly balancing the body weight equally on
                                      both feet.

                                  •   Relax the shoulders. Breathe in and lift both the arms up.

                                  •   While exhaling bring the palms in front of the chest in the prayer position
                                      with fingertips pointing upwards.

                                  •   The hands should be held at the Anahata chakra against the sternum.

                                  Step 2: Hasta uttanasana (Raised arms pose)
                                  •   Breathe in and lift the arms up and back.

                                  •   Keep the biceps close to the ears.

                                  •   Stretch the whole body upwards.
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