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Practical Manual

                                         Practical 8

            Component Measured: Agility
            “The agility is the ability of any individual to change the body position or direction
            as quickly as possible”.

            Name of the Test: Shuttle Run Test

            The objective of Shuttle run test is to measure the agility of the participant.

            Required Equipment: Measuring tape, marking tape/chalk, stopwatch, two blocks
            of wood (2"x2"x4")are required equipment for this test.

            Testing Procedure:Two parallel lines marked on the floor 10 meters apart from
            each other and two wooden blocks will be placed behind one of the lines. Participant
            will be asked to start from behind the other line. On the signal, the timer will start
            the watch and participant run towards the blocks, picks one block, run back to the
            starting line, place the block behind the starting line, run back and pick-up the
            second block carry back across the starting line. The timer will stop the watch and
            records the time, when he/she crosses the starting line.

                                       Figure 8: Shuttle run test
            Scoring Procedure: Two trials are allowed to each participant with some rest in
            between. The time of the best of the two trials is recorded in second as the score of
            the test.

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