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Introduction to Health                                                          MODULE-3
                                                                                             Holistic Health


                         INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH


                                                   I cannot come to
                                                    play with you, I
                               Dad, please          am not feeling
                              come and play             well.
                                 with me.

                                             Dear Roshini, Your Dad is not
                                             feeling well today, that is why he is
                                              he was very much active and involved
                        Grandpa, Dad         not coming with you, but at your age
                      is not coming with      in lots of sports. Now, due to the work
                        me for playing.        pressure and non involvement in physical
                        Why is it so?                   activity he gets sick very easily.

            This statement made little Roshini curious to know more about health. She also
            wondered how things changed over a period of time and what factors were
            affecting the health of his father. What are the dimensions of health? Roshini
            wanted to know all this and more. In this lesson you will read about the meaning
            and concept of health, dimensions of health and factors affecting health.


            After studying this lesson you will be able to:
                 explain the meaning and concept of health;

                 classify the different dimensions of health;
                 explain the principles of health;
                 examine the factors that affect health and

                 explain the yogic concept of health.
            Physical Education and Yog
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