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Practical Manual

                                        Practical 19

                              Backward Bending Asanas

              Backward bending asanas stretch the abdominal muscles and tone and strengthen
              the muscles around the spine.

              To perform the Bhujangasana and Ardhashalabhasana.

              After completion of this practical, you will be able to perform and demonstrate
              these asanas in appropriate format.

              •  Yoga mat -1

              •  Flat cushion (1-2 ft length and thickness 10-15 cm) – 1

              Preparation of Yoga classroom

              •  The room should be clean and well ventilated.

              Preparation of practitioner

              •  Wear comfortable loose, light cotton clothes (Not too tight)
              •  Remove accessories like spectacles, wrist watches, belt etc before practice.

              1. Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)


              •  Lie flat on the stomach, with legs straight, heels and toes together and soles
                 of the feet uppermost.

              •  Keep palms of the hands flat on the floor, below the shoulder joints and finger
                 pointing forward. Rest the forehead on the floor and close the eyes. Relax the
                 whole body. This is the starting pose.

              •  Slowly raise the head, neck, shoulder and the trunk with inhalation as high as

              •  In the final position, the pubic bone and hip bone remains in contact with the
                 floor and navel slightly up about 3 cm. The arms may or may not be straight.
                 This will depend on the flexibility of the back.

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