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Practical Manual

                                        Practical 33


              According to yogic concept, meditation is a state of mind and consciousness
              in which there is alertness, dynamism of mind and senses and total concentration.

              After completion of this practical you will be able to perform and demonstrate
              Yoga Nidra in appropriate manner.


              •  Yoga Mat – 1

              •  To cover thin sheet etc. - 1

              Preparation of Yoga Classroom

              •  The room should be clean and well ventilated.

              Preparation of the Practitioner:

              •  Wear comfortable, light, cotton clothes.

              •  Remove accessories like spectacles, wrist watch, belt etc. before practice.


              1. Take deep breath during Shavasana and feel the peace in entire body. Feel
                 relaxationin the body while exhaling.
              2. Take your consciousness to various body parts when their name is called.
                 Remember that there should be no tension and movement in your body.

              3. Take your focus to right big toe, then to second, third, fourth and fifth toe and
                 move your consciousness later to sole, ankle, calf, shin, knee, thigh etc. in

              4. Similarly do with left leg. Later take your consciousness to the parts of right
                 and left hands.
              5. After legs and hands, concentrate on trunk and later on your entire face. We
                 call this Nyasa practice or body visualisation.

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